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Why is Text Marketing So Effective?

Almost every Adult consumer today carries a phone with then at all times!

Text Marketing alerts go directly to consumers phones via a Text.

Customers sign up to receive Text messages from Businesses that offer Text alerts.


The process is very simple, each business is assigned a Short Code which is 5 Digit number such as "71441" and a Keyword such as "PIZZA" (a Keyword can be any short word that is unique for that given business)

Once a customer sends a text (opt-in) to the shortcode number that contains the Keyword they become a subscriber to that businesses text alert campaign.  Once they are a subscriber they will receive Text alerts whenever the business decided to send a text message.

By creating a Text campaign business can easily let customers know of sales and specials they have with almost immediate delivery rate.


Benefits of Text Marketing

Mobile Campaigns are easy to create and message delivery to recipients can be done in a matter of seconds.

High Reach
The number of mobile phone subscribers is growing at a phenomenal rate. More than 70% of the population carries their phone with them at all times.

High Response
Research shows that mobile marketing receives a response rate of 20-70% depending on the campaign and audience. Traditional direct mailing for instance receives a 1% response rate.

The cost for mobile marketing is very affordable. The amount of money saved includes that which you would pay for printing, mailing, office staff, etc.

Double Exposure
Customers will be exposed to your TEXT program thru the CityStop.com TEXT website which brings NEW customers to your business. CityStop offers an exclusive listing on their site which gives businesses an easy way to gain more NEW customers.

The interactive nature of mobile marketing makes it one of the most engaging mediums available.

Powerful Database
People are given the option to opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign. By opting-in these potential customers are not only showing interest in your current promotion, you now have a database of potential customers for future promotions.

Cutting Edge
Customers appreciate companies that are innovative and offer something new and different.

Easy to Setup
CityStop will set you up for Free so you can use our Web Based text promotion service. You can even send Text Alerts out directly by using your Cell phone if you choose.  If you prefer CityStop will send out your Text Alerts.



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